Special Operations Fighting and Shooting Tactics (SOFAST) LLC


A Special Operations family,both active and retired  and the Boss (wife) that want to give back to the community through this service disabled veteran owned small business. Married for over 23 years to his wife and business partner. Team SOFAST also has two sons that participate on the team.

Who are we?

Claudia Adams. Married to a green beret for over 23 years, was born and raised in Germany. Bred two boys (warriors) of which one of them is assigned to a Ranger Battalion. She participated in decades of fighting and combatives. Both her boys have over 6 years of wrestling and MMA experience. “We are a fighting family and no one should ever feel like a victim!” Being in many fights she knows how important it is for women to defend themselves. “Thats why my heart is into the Jane Wayne program.” Her hobby is physical fitness, at the age of 45 she’s in the best shape of her life. She goes to the gym to work out every day and continues to sharpen her sword. She believes in having sex every day to make her Green Beret happy:)

MSG(R) Jeffrey Adams retired from 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) in April of 2012. His first occupational specialty awarded to him was that of the Special Forces Medical Advisor (Medic). He was assigned to Charlie company (CO), 3rd battalion (BN), 10th SFG(A) where he became an Instructor for the United States Army Special Forces Command (USASFC) mountaineering program.

He then went overseas and spent six years assigned to Charlie company, 1st BN, 10th SFG (A). The uniqueness of this company is the mission. C co 1/10 SFG (A) is the Commanders In-Extemis Force (CIF), specializing in counter terrorism (CT), direct action (DA) and other critical SF missions. During his tenure, he rose through the ranks from being an Assaulter, later becoming a climbing team cell-leader and upon being awarded the rank of Master Sergeant (MSG), be became an A-Team sergeant. With multiple combat tours and training missions to U.S. allies across several continents, and multiple countries, he derived a very holistic, comprehensive understanding of his unique mission set.

Lastly, MSG(R) Adams returned to FT. Carson to become the 10th SFG (A) Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC) program manager, during this time he also instituted the group combatives program:


MSG (R) Adams continues to be a proud member of the Special Forces alumni.

“The men I had the honor of learning from, working with and leading is very humbling. The best of world class instruction was always provided to our teammates because they stood next to you in the trenches.” ~Adams~


SOFAST is a family business that provides a unique and holistic approach to training that is “Peer to Peer” and focused on three primary lines of effort:

  1. Jayne Wayne. A by women, for women program that teaches marksmanship, self-defense, 1st aid and culminates in scenario based training.
  2. Junior Operator. A youth program that teaches weapons safety, 1st aid, land navigation, anti-bullying, survival, teamwork and leadership.
  3. SOFAST & Man-Camp. Advanced marksmanship, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (T-CCC), fighting, team building, leadership exercises and culmination event.

Endstate: Team SOFAST puts the family first so the Soldier can have peace of mind while deployed. From Spouses, youth, military, law enforcement and most importantly our wounded. We will ensure that our families walk away with a positive experience and confidence that will have you coming back for more!


Family time with the rifles

Jeff and Claudia Adams

P: (719)375-4647

E: sofast@sofastactics.com

W: http://www.sofastactics.co

“It’s the ones we leave behind that need continuous training, community support and in turn allow the service member to focus on the mission.” ~Claudia Adams~

“Our wounded, both physically and mentally need community in order to prevent isolationism. Sometimes we need a brother to pick us up by the boot straps , not accept no and take us away from those dark places.” ~Team SOFAST~


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